Camlocks for chiller and freezer coldrooms

Superior camlock technology

All CELLTHERM panels are equipped with foamed-in eccentric camlocks which guarantee the thermal efficiency of every joint. The camlock principle not only applies to interconnecting wall panels but also, to all interconnecting wall, floor and ceiling panels.

Grafik Isolierelemente mit eingeschäumtem Spannverschluss

Simplified installation thanks to CELLTHERM "Passer-System"

The foamed-in camlocks ensure that CELLTHERM coldrooms are quick and easy to install. They eliminate the need for wrestling with corner or side posts or even time-consuming glueing and inefficient cutting of panels. The CELLTHERM "Passer-System" (adaptable fit) speeds up assembly still further. By means of the "Passer-System" panels can even be assembled upside-down, since all CELLTHERM panels have alternating tongue and groove profiles along their edges. Thus, you save time and money on assembly!

Grafik eines Isolierpaneels mit Nut-Feder-Wechsel an der Stirnseite des Paneels.