Stainless Steel Floor

The elegant Choice

CELLTHERM Stainless Steel Floors

We also offer an optional 0.8 mm thick stainless steel floor of anti-slip pattern rolled steel plate. The stainless steel plate for this floor design is waterproof bonded across the entire surface to a nine-layer multiplex board. This gives an even distribution of load that is far superior to that of conventional chipboard and which considerably lengthens the service life of the floor. For demanding environments this floor design is also available in a material thickness of 1.5 mm or even 2.0 mm.

Muster Edelstahl Kühlzellenboden in Tränenoptik

The indestructible Choice

3 mm Stainless Steel Floors

For floors subject to extreme wear we have developed an exceptionally durable 3 mm thick stainless steel floor. We supply this as a flat panel floor or – for applications involving a great deal of condensation - as a ‘dished base’ with a drip edge. The ‘dished base’ is bonded to the floor panel and is coved around the coldroom walls forming an impenetrable barrier to protect the vital insulation below. The drip edge ensures that all condensation reaches the base where it can do no harm.

3mm Edelstahlboden mit Abtropfkante, fugenüberlappt vernietet, mit Abtropfkante im Übergang Boden-Wand