Single-leaf hinged Doors

Long-lasting and tough


Standardzelle mit maßgeschneidertem Regalsystem und steckerfertigem Kälte-Aggregat.The door is one of the components of the coldroom subjected to the highest wear and stress. For this reason, we pay the utmost attention to the manufacture of our hinged doors. We produce our door leaf from the same high quality materials that we use in our panels. The adjustable rising hinges, the threshold plate of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, the strong yet supple door seals and the indestructible jumbo handle all add up to a durable door of superior quality. The special plastic from which we manufacture our door profiles is extremely resistant to impact and suitable for extremes of temperature providing profiles that have proved to be exceptionally resilient and long-lasting.

Impeccable HygieneDetail aus Türblatt, Türprofil, Türdichtung und Schleifgummi

CELLTHERM hinged doors meet the highest hygienic requirements. The rubber seals are acid-resistant and grease-resistant as well as easy to replace. They can be thoroughly cleaned without a problem. No wood is used in the manufacture of the door.


Versatile and flexible

CELLTHERM hinged doors are available in chiller or freezer applications with your choice of left-hand or right-hand hinged in a wide variety of dimensions and cladding finishes. Upon request we will custom-build your door to your own specifications, accurate to the millimeter. We are also happy to supply double-leaf or inward-opening doors.


Easy Operation, maintenance-free

Our hinged doors are easy to assemble. The door frames are tightly camlocked with the adjacent panels. Thanks to hinges that can be adjusted in three dimensions, any minor unevenness in the site floor can be easily compensated. With the exception of cleaning the rubber seals, the door is completely maintenance-free.


Coldroom and hinged Door in one

At CELLTHERM you get your panels and hinged doors from a single source. Your advantage: Materials, dimensions and logistics for panels and doors are perfectly coordinated. Thus, CELLTHERM provides one-stop shopping for all your coldroom needs!