Special Doors

Manuell betriebene Isolier-Schiebetür mit Edelstahllaufschiene

Sliding Doors

Safe, sturdy, hygienic

When it comes to sliding doors our customers can also expect first class workmanship, exclusive use of high quality materials and a well-thought out design. We have the perfect solution for every application – safe, sturdy and hygienic.

Kühlzelle mit Glastürfront, LED-Beleuchtung und kundenspezifischer Deckenverkleidung.

Glass Doors

Clearly a good Choice

Our range of doors is rounded off by a large selection of „walk-in“ and „roll-in“ glass doors. In combination with the precisely fitted CELLTHERM panels and a top quality gravityfeed merchandising system, our customers can receive a dedicated package solution in which all the elements are perfectly coordinated.

Sectional and Roll-Up Doors

Secure and effective

Rolltore aus dem Hause CELLTHERM sind kältetechnisch unbedenkliche Torlösungen.
Kältetechnische Torlösung von Celltherm.

Sectional and roll-up doors from CELLTHERM provide a secure and effective solution when the space in front of the coldroom is limited. Well insulated, easy to operate and thermally seperated: ideal for use in coldrooms.