New Coolant for our proven Refrigeration Units

As of now, all proven CELLTHERM wall, roof and split units will be equipped with R452a as a coolant. This means, that CELLTHERM units are fit for the more demanding requirements of the so-called F-Gas-Regulation of the EU, long before it becomes effective on 01.01.2020.

R452a represents an alternative coolant characterized by a low ozone depletion potential and greenhouse effect. As compared to customary R404a, R452a shows improved environmental features while being similarly energy-efficient. Units filled with R404a can easily be refilled with R452a.

„By converting to the new R452a coolant already at an early stage, we offer planning safety to our customers. The new coolant does not only preserve the environment, it also saves money on our customers’ wallets in light of the soaring prices for the customary R404a coolant, we are currently facing”, Holger Bialdiga, Director of CELLTHERM Isolierung GmbH, lines out.

More and more frequently, CELLTHERM coldrooms are equipped with plug-in refrigeration units. CELLTHERM offers the ideal solution for a wide range of applications from our comprehensive selection of wall-mount, ceiling-mount and split units: simple to install and operate, reliable, powerful and good value.